Salford Jets

Power Pop From Salford With Love

Punky, spunky pop group with Salford vibes fronted by Mike Sweeney that began in the late Seventies and is still enduring.

Who You Looking At?

Combining rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and punk vibes, the Salford Jets, with their energetic performances and upbeat songs flew the music flag for the city, hitting the charts in 1980 with the gobby Who You Looking At? and appearing on national tv with other three minute pop ditties including Gina (I’ve Got A Cortina) and She’s Gonna Break Your Heart.

No mid-Atlantic pretensions here as Sweeney sang in a Salford accent with a huge personality that landed him a presenter DJ job at Piccadilly Radio, becoming the most known voice in Greater Manchester, a mate to everyone. The Jets folded in the early Eighties, before unfolding in 2002and releasing a compilation CD, Manchester Boys in 2006. Who You Looking At? was re-released in 2010 as a charity single, complete with a new video featuring local icons. The Salford Jets – fun, fab and totally, totally Salford…

Salford Jets playlist

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