The Hollies

Pop Legends Still Popping Up

Sixties and Seventies classic pop group with hits in the UK and the States, originally formed by Salford twosome Graham Nash and Allan Clarke, that has persisted over six decades with numerous line-ups, over two dozen albums and some very smooth sounds.

The Road Is Long...

Originally formed in 1962 by Ordsall school mates, Graham Nash and Allan Clarke, The Hollies not only stormed the British charts but were an integral part of the so-called British Invasion of the States, alongside The Beatles et al, being enrolled in the country’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

Replacing original drummer Don Rathbone with Bobby Elliot, and guitarist Vic Steele with Tony Hicks in 1963, the mid-Sixties saw the band have huge hits with Bus Stop, written by fellow Salfordian and 10CC stalwart, Graham Gouldman, plus On a Carousel and Carrie Ann amongst others. Harmonious, love-centred but not as bubblegum as other pop bands of the time, The Hollies also charted, big style, in the Seventies with Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress, The Air That I Breathe and He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother with Elton John on piano. By this time, Graham Nash had well left for superstardom with Crosby, Stills and Nash in 1968, while Allan Clarke retired in 2000, leaving Bobby Elliot, Tony Hicks and loads of new members to carry the band forward to the point where they’re doing a 60th Anniversary Tour in 2023.

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