The Smiths

Indie Rock Band Supreme...

The Smiths megaphoned the angst of a generation to a soundscape of urgent, wailing indie rock and self-deprecating lyrics that struck a chord…

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Morrissey, weaving lines nicked from a zillion books, films and kitchen sinks, turned the teenage psyche inside out in the early Eighties to reveal alienation and a longing to belong which still brings thousands of fans to the ‘shrine’ of Salford Lads Club, even though The Smiths aren’t from Salford.

Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce and the late Andy Rourke created the galloping tunes and gyrating guitars that had lads into the beefy riffs and delicate teens swaying along to ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ et al…The band produced four best-selling albums in their five year lifespan, stuffed with anti-pop songs, and anti-establishment, existential quips. Catchy music for outsiders, with un-catchy song titles to mismatch…Girlfriend In A Coma anyone?

After splitting in 1987, The Smiths’ members took their own successful paths, although Morrissey’s trip to the dark side with his ‘little England’ outbursts have seen him shunned by many ex-admirers.

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